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Keep Teeth Clean, Floss After Eating

Strathcona Floss Stick Program

Clean away the stuff that is stuck between your teeth help keeping your teeth healthy. It is EASY! You can use floss stick to clean your teeth!

  1. First, wash your hands.
  2. Second, glide the floss on the floss stick into the gap between your teeth. If the gap is tight, wiggle the floss into it. Start from the front teeth.
  3. Move the floss UP and DOWN the side of the teeth a few times. This scrap away the food that is stuck between teeth.
  4. Move on to the next gap. So on and so forth until you clean all the gaps.

It is that EASY!

Collect all the cards with different Indigenous arts by picking up a floss stick from the Strathcona Breakfast program.

Egale plus more to come!

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