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You Can Help

Imagine being a child in Vancouver, where the soaring cost of living can have a devastating impact on your access to essential healthcare. For many kids from low-income families in our vibrant city, delayed treatment is an unfortunate reality, resulting in prolonged pain and suffering.

Prolong Suffering

You can help us make a difference. Strathcona Community Dental Clinic, a non-profit institution with a 20-year legacy, committed to providing crucial dental care to these children and families in need. Our dedicated team serves those who depend on programs like the Healthy Kids Program, NIHB, Federal Interim Dental Benefit, or those without any dental coverage at all.

Our mission extends beyond the clinic’s walls. We believe in holistic community dental health education through our Outreach Program. We actively promote good dental hygiene practices to children and parents alike, regularly visiting classrooms, community centers, daycares, and collaborating with other agencies within the community. For over five years, we have distributed dental hygiene kits to every student in one of the inner-city schools, making dental health accessible and a priority for these young minds.

We provide practicum opportunities for Vancouver Community College Dental Hygiene students, nurturing the next generation of dental health advocates. Moreover, we reach out to diverse communities, transcending language barriers by offering information about dental health and government benefits in multiple languages. Our commitment to expanding our reach to minority groups is unwavering.

It’s astonishing that, all too often, it is the children themselves who must initiate a dental visit due to the excruciating pain they endure, even though their suffering could have been prevented with regular check-ups and preventative care. The harsh truth is that the relentless burden of high living expenses often pushes dental care to the bottom of the priority list for these families, exacerbating their children’s pain and suffering. Your donation can change this narrative, ensuring that these kids receive the care they deserve, unlocking brighter and healthier futures for Vancouver’s most vulnerable youth. Join us in making a profound impact today.

A Successful Life Begins With A Healthy Smile.

Please join us in making a meaningful change in the lives of these young ones by donating today. Your contribution will make a world of difference to the children of Vancouver.

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