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加拿大牙科福利簡介 Canada Dental Benefit

申請通道僅提供英語和法語。但是,如果您在申請過程中需要幫 助,您可以請講英語或法語的朋友同您一起填寫申請表,或在您 撥打電話 1-800-715-8836 時,請他們和您一起。 如果您沒有朋友可以協助申請流程,加拿大稅務局(CRA)可以安排給您回電,以 便讓某位會說您語言的人也在通話線路上。  按此進入加拿大稅局網頁

Quick FAQ: Canada Dental Benefit

Q: When can families apply for CDB? Will applicants be able to apply for dental care costs retroactievly? A: For the second benefit period, applications will be opened on July 1st, 2023. Applications opened for the interim Canada… Read More

Quick FAQ about Canada Dental Benefit

Q: What constitutes the definition of a child under 12? As of what date? A: Eligible Children need to be 11 years old or under as of December 1, 2022, for the first year of the benefit, and… Read More

interim Canada Dental Benefit

The Government of Canada’s new interim #CanadaDentalBenefit may be able to help you with the costs of dental care. Visit http://ow.ly/t5RG50LQflL for more information.  **Use the CHOOSE A LANGUAGE option to translate this page to your preferred language**… Read More

Update on proposed Canada Dental Benefit

At the time of writing, according to the most recent announcement on the proposed Canada Dental Benefit, eligible parents or guardians would receive up to $650 per child per year cover dental expenses for their children under 12-years-old…. Read More

OutReach Activities

Strathcona Community Dental Clinic has been spending years of effort in raising dental health awareness in the community. Through free dental workshops, dental screenings and presentations, we engage parents and children with games, slide shows, videos and many… Read More

Brushing Club Calendar

In Brushing Club we promote proper dental hygiene practice to children and caretakers.   We do that by going to the Strathcona Community Centre’s Breakfast Club every month with the help of students from VCC Nursing Program. We also… Read More


The Strathcona Community Dental Clinic is one of only seven full service not-for-profit dental clinics in the province. We are the only non-profit clinic that focuses on children from low-income families. There is a reason that there are… Read More