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Who We Treat

Our non profit clinic provides dental treatment for the whole family at reasonable rates. We also provide prevention and dental health information and nutritional counseling.

We serve all private and government insurance plans such as:

Healthy Kids

Your children are eligible for the Healthy Kids Program if:

  • Your family is eligible for Medical Services Plan (MSP) supplementary benefits
  • They are under 19 years old

Children are eligible for $2000 of basic dental services every two years.

To find out more about Supplementary benefits and eligibility test, click here.

First Nations Health Benefits

For First Nations people who are status have up to 100% coverage on some procedures.

Income Assistance

All income assistance clients and individuals receiving hardship assistance are eligible for emergency dental services to relieve pain.


Persons with disabilities and persons with persistent multiple barriers have a maximum coverage limit of $1000 over two calendar years.  This limit applies to persons with disabilities and their spouses, persons with persistent multiple barriers, and seniors over 65 with enhanced medical coverage.

Interim Federal Health Program

The program covers limited urgent dental care for refugee.  Click here for more information about the program.

Uninsured Patients

The clinic provides clients with no coverage a 20% discount on all treatment (not including lab costs).

Senior Over 65

We take new patients who are of age 65 and older. Uninsured senior patients receive 20% discount on all procedures.