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CDCP – Canada Dental Care Plan

We accept all patients covered under the CDCP that meet our age requirement.

Patients with 100% coverage will not be charged a co-pay amount unless the procedure is not covered. Patients with 60% or 40% coverage need to pay the difference (co-pay) List income brackets $70,000 or less – 100%, Between $80,000-$70,000 – 60%, Between $80,000 – $90,000 – 40%

Not all procedures are covered under the CDCP. The patient will be given an estimate for any procedures not covered and a 20% discount given on procedures that are not covered.

Kids 12 years and under still apply to the CRA for a direct deposit payment until June 30, 2024.

For more details on the CDCP and eligibility criteria, visit Canada.ca/dental

Our dentists and staff speak at least one of the following languages, English, French, German, Korean, Farsi, limited Spanish and Chinese. Should you have any general question, feel free to contact us.

For appointment, please call our clinic’s phone number.