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Other Services

Floss Stick Program
Floss Stick Program

New Floss Stick Program

We are developing a new Floss Stick Program to replace the Flouride Program.  The objective of the program is to help develop the habit of flossing after meal by giving away floss stick and dental health information to school-age children in the Strathcona community.  You can help us with a donation or provide us your opinion.

Free Weekly Fluoride Rinse Program for School Kids (paused)

(Unfortunately due to supply issues the weekly flouride rinse program is on hold at the time)

Dental Screenings

From time to time we schedule free dental screenings for kids and their families at community centers, daycares and schools. During the screening process, our dentists and staff discuss with parents of children screened about problem detected, possible preventive measures and recommendation. We often find problems that receive insufficient attention. These are also education opportunities for parents with limited dental development knowledge.

Dental Workshops

brushing club activity board
Activity Board made by VCC Nursing Students for Brushing Club use during Spring of 2018

We have done numerous dental education workshops in the community through working with community centers, daycares, social housings, senior homes, churchs, schools as well as other service providers. Materials are prepared in English and Chinese. Knowledge changes lives. We attempt to make dental care knowledge more accessible to the underserved group.

Nursing Students for Breakfast Club

We had work with VCC Nursing Students to deliver dental knowledge through monthly activities to families who come to the Breakfast Program in Strathcona Community Center.

Community event participations

We visit events hosted in different places to promote dental health awareness and proper dental hygiene practices at home. It has been difficult during the pandemic but throughout the years this is one of the best way to reach larger amount of families who may be under-served. We often plan different kind of fun games that are designed to deliver dental knowledges in a fun way.

Drawing Context in school

From time to time we run drawing or color context at school. The context usually contains a short session in classroom that we and our volunteer play games or talk about how to take care of their teeth.

Kindergarten Field-trip

This is definitely one of the fun things that happen in the clinic. Our dentist will host the kids, show them videos and the control of the chair, water and air. We strongly believe the experience that the kids have in the clinic field-trip help break the ice and remove at lease some level of anxiety being around dental office equipment.

Dental Case
Dental Case

Dental Hygiene Kit Give-Away

For a few years every year, we have been giving away dental hygiene kit to every students of Lord Strathcona Elementary School in an effort to encourage proper dental care practices at home and through the information distribution raise awareness of the availability of reduced-cost dental services.

Dental Hygienist Students

Year after year the clinic provides VCC Dental Hygienist Students opportunities to gain valuable experience working with children patients.

Indigenous community

The clinic has always support Indigenous community and try to find ways to help improve dental health condition of the community. In 2013, the clinic had hosted indigenous Dental Therapists which was a great experience to both organizations.

BackPack Program visitation

Recently, we have increase our visits to BackPack Program at Strathcona Community Center. With the help of BackPack Program Coordinator we get to meet some families who would otherwise difficult to reach out to. Many of them are not aware of BC Healthy Kids Program or how our clinic can help their dental need.