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Other Services

Free Weekly Fluoride Rinse Program for School Kids

The Strathcona Health Society provides a free weekly fluoride rinse to school kids at Strathcona and Seymour Elementary Schools. All students at those schools are eligible to participate, with their parents permission in the weekly fluoride rinse program.

After years of research it has been recognised that that rinsing with fluoride makes teeth less susceptible to decay. For many children there is not support at home for a regular brushing program. So the weekly rinse provides an opportunity to build the tooth enamel and remind the children about the benefits of regular dental care. This program is financed through generous donations by our supporters.

Dental Screenings

From time to time we schedule free dental screenings for kids and their families at community centers, daycares and schools. During the screening process, our dentists and staff discuss with parents of children screened about problem detected, possible preventive measures and recommendation. We often find problems that receive insufficient attention. These are also education opportunities for parents with limited dental development knowledge.

Dental Workshops

We have done numerous dental education workshops in the community through working with community centers, daycares, social housings, senior homes, churchs, schools as well as other service providers. Materials are prepared in English and Chinese. Knowledge changes lives. We attempt to make dental care knowledge more accessible to the underserved group.