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We Accept BC Healthy Kids Plan

A Successful Life Begins with A Healthy Smile

Do you want to know if you are eligible for government dental insurance, even if you work?
Does your child have toothaches?
Do you think dental cost is too expensive?
Are you 65 years or older?

We believe all kids should have a healthy start in life. We take new patients who are children or seniors. We accept all government benefit plans and provide discount to patients who have no insurance. You family could be eligible. More information on our leaflet and website.

We invite you to

  • talk to our staff
  • pick up one of our information flyer
  • call us for appointment
  • email us with your question

Please have someone fluent in English with you when contacting us.

Phone: 604-713-4485

Email: info@strathcona-health.ca

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